I am very happy with the way you did the interior of our apartment.
You have so good ideas and listened well to our wishes as a costumer. You know how to use 
spaces in the best ways and very fast had a clear idea of how we wanted our home to be.
You really put your heart into the job which is clear to see in the result.
Thank You
Kelly & Michael,
After Sofies 'Inspiration visit' at my place things have really been happening in my home.
Sofie is capable of giving inspiration which suit your personal style. She spends a great deal of time on the visit and her drawings give specific suggestions on how the changes will look. This visualizes and motivates one to get started. Sofie makes proposals that without buying new furniture completely change the characteristics and spaciouness of the room. Adjusted to my whishes Sofie also helped selecting out which new furniture and accessories to purchase.
Furthermore she clearly explained where these things could be purchased both exspensively and on budget but still with focus on quality. I would personally recommend to have Sofie come pay you an 'Inspiration visit' if you feel your home is lacking something. I got mine as a giftcard of a friend which I thought was such a lovely idea.  
Thank you so much for your creative input and hard work.
We love everything about it and you captured out style straight away from our original discussion.
It has made the hole project less stressful and we have already recommended your brilliant vision and professionalism.
Love Nat, Chris & Ben,
Thank you for helping me make my apartment my home again. After years of traveling and living abroad, it was of great importance for me to get a home and personal space that would help me settle back into Copenhagen again. I loved that you managed to includ into the design, my rather large selection of hairlooms, as hold great value to me personally, into the design. Thank you for your help and guidens. And for turning my wishes in a very personal apartment with a homey feel. This have made my move back to Copenhagen so much easier.
The layout of our living room was all wrong, with five adults all sharing a living room the design and layout of the furniture made it impossible to relax and converse if somebody happened to be watching the television.  
On Sofie's very inspiring visit she knew instantly that we really were not maximising our space great. With a few adjustments of the couches already there was a huge difference and we hadn't even spent any money. 
we chatted about styles and colours we liked and from there Sofie designed, drew a layout with a list of furnishings that were affordable to us, from which we could see our end goal. It's taken time but now that it is all complete, we as a family couldn't be happier. 
Sofie created a space where we could enjoy each other's company without getting in each other's way.  

Thank you so much 

We have with great pleasure had Sofie helping us with the interior design of our home. It were important to us that the design were a combination between existing and new things. Sofie had an amazing overview and sense of details. By reusing exiting things and combining them with new beautiful Danish design furniture the design truly enhanced the carateristics of each room. Sofie was able to renewal and improve the spaces in a more modern way which we feel is more compatible with us. Seeming very profesional and knowing what she were talking about I would not hesitat to use her again.